Mark Canlas

Software engineer. Improvisor.


Mark has been a software engineer since before the millennium. He has previously worked in finance and publishing. His favorite programming language is Scala.

Mark holds a BS in Human-Computer Interaction from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Mark has been improvising since 2016, specializing in musical improv. His favorite part of improv is building the impossible with lots of teamwork and support. He has studied at UCB, Magnet Theater, The PIT, and Reckless Theatre under luminary improvisors Frank Spitznagel, Michael Lutton, Nikita Burdein, Annie Moor, Katie Hammond, Miles Lindahl, and Nick Kanellis.

Past shows

Magnet Theater Summer 2017 Circuit (musical team Boomhauer)

Thank You For Coming Out: An LGBTQ Event