Mark Canlas

Software engineer. Improvisor.

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Mark Canlas is an NYC-based software engineer and improvisor from Bergenfield, New Jersey. Since 2016, he has fallen in love with musical improv, building the impossible with lots of teamwork and support. He has studied at Magnet Theater, The People’s Improv Theater, Reckless Theatre, and UCB under luminary improvisors such as Nikita Burdein, Jamie Cummings, Eric Gersen, Katie Hammond, Nick Kanellis, Miles Lindahl, Michael Lutton, Annie Moor, Dan Reitz, and Frank Spitznagel.

Mark has also sung baritone with Big Apple Chorus, Empire City Men's Chorus, and Voices of Gotham.

Off stage, Mark enjoys playing volleyball, learning foreign languages, and making software.

Mark holds a BS in Human-Computer Interaction from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Family Trip
(Magnet musical house team, Oct 2018 - Present)

Musical Improv Showcase
(host, Dec 2019 - present)

Past shows

Magnet Theater Summer 2019 Musical Circuit
(team Fortissimo, coach)

Elevator Talk
(PIT musical house team, Apr 2018 - Apr 2019)

Magnet Theater Winter 2018 Circuit
(team Montauk)

Magnet Theater Summer 2017 Circuit
(musical team Boomhauer)

Thank You For Coming Out: An LGBTQ Event
(recurring player)